2014: a New Year and a new beginning

The Mask (see link 1 below) was the first painting that Sara-J produced in 1986. It was done under the watchful eye of her tutor and mentor, fellow artist Jan Vermeiren. This piece has a wonderful history, spanning three decades of rescue, restore and resurrect. It was set on fire, stolen, stolen back, and finally restored two decades later. I am taking it out of my private collection and putting it up for sale for EUR 1,500 or offers closest to that. I will also be adding in another little gem for that price. The last remaining portrait of the artist I have in my collection at the moment, Les Bijoux de Dani (see link 2 below), which was painted for an exhibition in France in 2009. This piece has also been held in my private collection, not for sale. The Mask represents the beginning of my journey as an artist and I therefore consider it a very important piece. So, who is going to start 2014 with one of the most valuable Sara-J pieces available. Warmest, Sara-J 1 2

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