WTC Exhibition Opening

a glimpse of JUDGE AND JURY by Sara-J, South African Artist SANS NUDITY exhibition running from mid-August until mid-November 2012 third floor WTC Schiphol Airport organised by Caroline Hooft, WTC Schiphol Art Center/KIS Nederland M: +31(0)640321259 E: I paint because I am an artist. I'm inspired by where my life takes me every day and the people I meet and care about. I see the world differently, and feel passionately about aspects of the human condition. I hope that my paintings bring courage and humour to women seeking to express themselves freely, without censorship or oppression. I tend to use humour and colour as tools to mask inhibition and painful experiences, and to reflect pleasure, the joy of life, sexuality, relationships, and family life. My commissioned work often does the same for my collectors. The actual core of my work hinges on the human form. Drawing live models and reflecting real people, and myself, in the images of my work. Of course, if I could express myself in words as I can on canvas, I'd be a writer.

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