More Incredible Sara-J Pieces (mediums and smalls)

Many thanks to all of you who responded to my oils and large etchings specials at Finally, you now have an opportunity until next Sunday at midnight (7/3/2010) to purchase any of the etchings listed below at the incredible price of EUR50 for the mediums (37x26cm) and EUR25 for the smalls (26x18.5cm). Also, click here for a wonderful article about discovering the artist: MEDIUM ETCHINGS Lady with Chairs 1 Lady with Chairs 2 If it makes you Dangerous (vivid orange background) If it makes you Desperate (vivid orange background) Crags Lilies Dizzy daisies (pink background) Shower Erotics Summer Lilies Blue Fish 1 Blue Fish 2 Shark Passion 1 Tropical Adventure Curtain Open (pink background) Curtain Closed (pink background) Nasturtiums The Bride (colour) Poppies for Penny Pansies Gorgeous Gussies Yellow Daisies Mazeltov Blue Fish Putting Desire on a Pedestal Headless Pleasure 1 Hat 1 Hat 2 Dinner for Three Couch Chit Chat SMALL ETCHINGS Framed Fish 1 Framed fish 2 Delicate Lily (vivid orange background) Golden rose (vivid orange background) Miss Elegance Fairies for Femke Self Portrait Cosmos Sunset in Fresnaye St Josephs Ellas beginning Michael Fish (pink background) Snowdrop Nasties St Josephs 2 Some boyfriends bite Travelling Bike Pleasure Travelling Goose Pleasure Travelling Bicycle Pleasure Travelling Cow Pleasure Travelling Plane Pleasure Travelling Vespa Pleasure Enjoy and have fun making your selection. The prices include packaging and postage anywhere in the world. PS: Anyone wanting a second chance on the pieces listed in the last two newsletters, now is your opportunity until Sunday as well on whatever was not sold. Just send an e-mail. Warmest regards,

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