22 Incredible Sara-J Pieces

22 Incredible Sara-J Pieces… study my site carefully Well, it just keeps coming… I’m cleaning out my studio before the big move. Many thanks to those of you who have made it possible thus far, with your incredible support and generosity, having made me great offers on my oils. I would now like to offer the following large etchings (listed below) for the amazing price of EUR 100 a piece including postage and packaging. This offer only lasts until midnight on Sunday, 27 February 2010. What do you think of that!!! First the paintings and now the etchings!!! Warmest regards, Sara-J Feeling a “spring” in her step… 1 Kalk Bay Huts (silkscreen) produced in 1989 proof 2 Vespa pleasure (dry point etching) gold background 3 Vespa Pleasure (dry point etching) sepia pink bike 4 Hands 1 (dry point etching) hand coloured 5 Hands 2 (dry point etching) hand coloured 6 Satisfaction (dry point etching) first piece in edition, pale blue background 7 Kevins Faces (dry point etching) proof 8 Passion (dry point etching) hand coloured 9 Lovers (dry point etching) sepia, last in series 10 Poppies for the Penny (dry point etching) hand coloured 11 Pennys Pink Cadillac (dry point collage etching) pink Cadillac 12 Fantasy Garden (hard ground etching) Amsterdam special edition in sepia 13 Whale Pleasure (dry point etching) hand coloured orange background 14 Fantasy Castle (hard ground etching) hand coloured background 15 Zebra delight (dry point etching) orange background 16 Desire in the Bedroom (hard ground etching) produced in sepia in 1987 17 The Conversation (hard ground etching) produced in sepia 18 The Dinner Party (dry point etching) hand coloured 19 Caspers Delight (dry point etching) sepia and red collage 20 Just Fantasy (dry point etching) nine plate sepia and blue ink piece very individual 21 Untitled (hard ground coloured etching) very vibrant and first piece in the edition 22 Dancing Huts (hard ground etching) proof produced in 1987

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