Sara-J is your Valentine

Well it is going to be the 14th soon, and I know you will all want to spoil the ones you love. In this current economic climate, it is hard to give something really special. I want to make that possible. Here is my proposal: look at my site, click on etchings and I will print the following pieces for you at a ridiculous price. According to size: smalls, normal price EUR89 for EUR30 - Be My Valentine, Paris 1 to 5, Delicate Lily, Golden Rose, Shower 2 and 3 and Delicate Rose; mediums, normal price EUR159 for EUR50 - The Proposal, Autumn Comes, Autumn Comes Again, To Titillate Her Part 1, To Titillate Her Part 2, Rollerblades, Headless Pleasure 2, Shower Erotics, Red Red Rose and Hold Me Tight; and larges, normal price EUR359 for EUR150 - Paris Collection, Table Mountain Pleasure, Table Top Pleasure, Bath Erotics, Rocking Valentine, Lemon Drops, Tropical Orgy, Lovers and Passion Forever Within. This includes packaging and postage to your door and I am hoping this will cheer you up and make your Valentines Day as wonderful as mine is going to be. Warmest regards from a still very chilly Holland. Thank you for your continued support.

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