Renewed Sara-J Etchings for Free

For those of you who may have missed my newsletter on 19 November 2008, the following works are still available. The etchings are listed below in three size categories (small, medium and large). Each piece has been priced individually. If you choose to buy one of these pieces at the price indicated between brackets, you can then choose another one in the same size category for free. Check out for examples. Just click on etchings or enter the titles in the search window. Small etchings:- Fairies for Femke (EUR30); Miss Elegance (EUR20); Self Portrait (EUR25); Sunset in Fresnaye (EUR20); Michaels Fish - pink background (EUR20); Nasties (EUR25); Snowdrop (EUR25); St Josephs (EUR20); St Josephs 2 (EUR20); Some boyfriends bite (EUR20); Travelling Vespa Pleasure (EUR30); Travelling Bike Pleasure (EUR30); Travelling Plane Pleasure (EUR30); Travelling Goose Pleasure (EUR30); Travelling Bicycle Pleasure (EUR30); and Travelling Cow Pleasure (EUR30). Medium etchings:- Pansies (EUR50); Blue Fish (EUR40); Blue Fish 1 (EUR50); Blue Fish 2 (EUR50); The Bride (EUR70); Dinner for Three (EUR55); Couch Chit Chat (EUR55); Vespa (red) (EUR40); To Titillate her Part 1 (EUR45); To Titillate her Part 2 (EUR45); Daisies - pink background (EUR50); Poppies for Penny (EUR60); Summer Lilies (EUR60); If it Makes you Desperate (EUR40); If it Makes you Dangerous (EUR40); Lady with Chairs 1 (EUR40); Lady with Chairs 2 (EUR40); Rollerblades - colour (EUR50); Bicycle Pleasure - colour (EUR50); Mazeltov (EUR70); Red Red Rose - gold background (EUR55); Nasturtiums (EUR60); Putting Desire on a Pedestal (EUR55); Three Florals - pink background (EUR55); Crags Lilies (EUR60); Tropical Adventure - orange background (EUR55); Shark Passion (EUR45); Yellow Daisies (EUR50); Gorgeous Gussies (EUR50); Framed Fish 1 (EUR40); and Framed Fish 2 (EUR40). Large etchings:- Lovers (EUR120); Fantasy Garden (EUR120); Just Fantasy (EUR180); Vespa pleasure (EUR150); Fantasy Castle - purple background (EUR160); Caspers Delight (EUR180); A Change in Direction (EUR180); Kevins Faces (EUR120); Desire in the Bedroom (EUR120); Passion (EUR140); and Whale Pleasure (EUR140). Obviously, this is the perfect opportunity for you to obtain a Sara-J original and give one away as the perfect gift. Postage and packaging will be covered by the artist, so please furnish me with the postal address you would like them to arrive at. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Warmest regards,

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