Don't be Shy (Sara-J JHB)

The eleven paintings listed below are currently in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am at present making plans to relocate them back to Europe for an exhibition in France at the end of July 2008. If any of my collectors in Johannesburg at present are interested in any of these eleven works that can be viewed under Paintings at, please ignore the price indicated there and make me an offer. This is a last-time opportunity not to be missed, as Sara-J oils will be difficult to obtain and view in Johannesburg after this. So be cheeky, I can after all only say "Yes." Paintings in Johannesburg: Flaming Glads; Time Alone; Sunday Lilies; Roses in Africa; Vrouw met Reiger; Artist Shoe 1; Artist Shoe 2; Sid and Sara; French Tulips; Finding My Way; and French Yellow Tree. Kind regards from Sara-J, wanting always to keep my collectors inspired and happy!

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