Sara-J Autumn Collection

Having just returned from a cold, wet, windy, wintry Cape Town straight into a Dutch autumn, I have decided to send a ray of sunshine out there. I have brought back oils produced in CT and, combined with those produced here, I now have a body of work surrounding me for the first time ever. All the oils and etchings (limited to those listed below) for sale at are available at half the stated price, including postage. Call it a winter clean-out for the first fortnight of October (1 to 15). While I will cover the cost of postage by registered mail, the oils will be sent rolled, including the stretch, which you will then have to have re-stretched at your own cost at any art or framing outlet. A very simple process. I have found in the past through experience that the possibility of the oil becoming damaged packaged this way is far less. The etchings will be packaged in cardboard. So treat yourself and, if you live in Europe and are about to go into a major winter, brighten your interior with a colourful original Sara-J. In conclusion, anyone out there who would like to commission me, keep me busy this winter. Here is the list of etchings: Smalls Travelling Broomstick Pleasure Travelling Bike Pleasure Travelling Zebra Pleasure Travelling Plane Pleasure Travelling Cow Pleasure Travelling Balloon Pleasure Travelling Bicycle Pleasure Travelling Vespa Pleasure Travelling Goose Pleasure Please Be My Valentine Mediums Curtain Open Curtain Closed Headless Pleasure 1 Headless Pleasure 2 Shark Passion 1 Autumn Comes Autumn Comes Again Shower Erotics Amsterdam Clutter The Proposal Hold Me Tight Fairies For Femke Red Red Rose Putting Desire on a Pedestal Larges Red Roses Bath Erotics Favourite Reflection Caged Pleasure The Paris Collection Jeep Pleasure To Titillate Her Part 1 Lovers Kevins Faces Change in Direction Satisfaction Night at the Opera The Travelling Artist Pennys Pink Cadillac The Dinner Party Floating Inbetween Fantasy Castle By Themselves Again Blue Fish Collection Zebra Delight and, last but not least, Hands 1 and Hands 2 (with an orange background). Cheers for now and thanks for your continued support,

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