Sara-J Fans Wassup!

Hi there Sara-J fans, I just thought I would drop in a quick special and see if anyone notices. The summer has just begun in Holland and my recent exhibition in Amsterdam is going well. I'm going to do something that I would never normally do, but in order to gauge WASSUP out there in cyberspace, I need to do something completely radical. So... for two whole weeks from July 1 to July 14, 2004, I'm going to offer a 50% discount on all etchings (only) just to see what response I get. If etchings marked as sold catch your fancy, let me know and I will check if further works are still available in the edition. Please note that the prices include postage throughout the world by registered mail. In the past when I had a gallery and dealt with the public face to face, it was really easy to enrich peoples' lives by adding a Sara-J to their collection. Anyway, I hope that everyone who gets this newsletter is safe, happy and well, and still gaining lots of pleasure from my work. So, here's to being very busy for the next two weeks!! Kind regards,

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