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2016-05-04Connect with Sara-J on FB
2016-04-29Special Invite: South African Art Exhibition
2015-02-14Valentines Day
2014-12-16A Wedding Dress for Christmas
2014-11-14Sneak Preview Amsterdam
2014-11-01An Awesome Opportunity
2014-10-25Sara-J Exhibition on Museumplein Amsterdam
2014-08-21Red Wine by Sara-J
2014-07-25Sara-J Newsflash
2014-07-02Specially special new work
2014-06-09Yellow, Blue and Red
2014-05-28Link to Artist Proof My Amsterdam
2014-05-12One in a million
2014-05-04Canvas or paper
2014-04-04New Model by Sara-J
2014-02-16Triptych Tulips
2014-01-202014: a New Year and a new beginning
2014-01-06Collectable Pieces from Sara-J
2013-12-25A special message
2013-12-02Sid and Sarah
2013-11-03Awesome Sara-J life drawings
2013-10-11Green Girl
2013-10-06Out of a private collection
2013-09-18The Blue and White Triptych
2013-09-02The Artist has a Red Face
2013-08-12Self Portrait
2013-08-12Self Portrait 2
2013-08-06The drawing and the painting drawing
2013-06-30The Paint Over
2013-06-02Sara-J in The Hague
2013-04-24Hair and Pleasure sp
2013-04-21Spring Surprise
2013-04-13The Artist has the Blues
2013-02-17A gift for you
2013-02-11Vintage and a treat for my collectors
2013-02-03Bird in Mind 2013
2012-12-232012 Almost Over
2012-11-28Calling all UK Collectors
2012-10-07Introducing Sara-J to Facebook
2012-08-31WTC Exhibition Opening
2012-08-12Biggest Sara-J Show Ever
2012-05-13No More Sara-J Etchings and 2012 WTC Schiphol Exhibition goes live !!
2012-04-23Tulips from Amsterdam
2012-04-06Tulip Time Again
2012-03-12Links Sneaky Preview
2011-10-09Sara-J Dedication
2011-08-21New Work
2011-05-03Sara-J New Life Drawings
2011-01-11Life Drawings Sara-J 2011
2010-09-20Sara-J in Cape Town
2010-08-11Little Sara-J Gem
2010-05-1412 Sara-J Paintings
2010-03-01More Incredible Sara-J Pieces (mediums and smalls)
2010-02-2322 Incredible Sara-J Pieces
2010-02-139 Sara-J Paintings - 24 hours to go
2010-02-10The Proposal: Eleven Sara-J Paintings
2009-08-29Sara-J Makes Headlines in France
2009-05-07Any Artwork
2009-04-25Sara-J Exhibition in France
2009-03-29Sara-J Makes the Fabulous Fifties, not to be missed
2009-03-01Sara-J Makes the Fabulous Fifties, read on
2009-02-08Sara-J is your Valentine
2009-01-18Rediscovered Earlier Sara-J Works
2008-12-06Renewed Sara-J Etchings for Free
2008-11-192008 Sara-J original etchings at Christmas for free !
2008-09-24Aan Sara-J's Nederlandse kunstvrienden
2008-09-04Irresistible Sara-J
2008-05-19Don't be Shy (Sara-J JHB)
2008-04-18Artist's Birthday
2007-09-30Small Sara-J Etchings 4U
2007-09-10A Surprise from Sara-J and JHB/CT Gallery Details
2007-07-17Ten New Sara-J Paintings
2007-05-25Calling JHB
2007-05-18Sara-J Viewing in Johannesburg
2007-04-17Simply Amazing
2007-04-04Simply Sara-J Exhibition
2006-12-18Sara-J 2006 Not to be Missed
2006-11-22New Sara-J Works in Cape Town
2006-08-14Exclusive Sara-J Viewing
2005-12-11Sara-J Artwork Update
2005-10-28Sara-J Private Viewing in CT
2005-09-19Sara-J Paintings
2005-07-26Sara-J Paintings: 24 Hours To Go
2005-07-18Ten Sara-J Paintings For Ten Days
2005-06-06Calling all Irish and UK Sara-J Collectors
2005-05-054 Sara-J paintings 4 a song
2005-04-18Happy Birthday Sara-J
2005-02-14Valentine Flowers from Sara-J
2005-02-13Valentine's Day from Sara-J
2005-01-052005: The Proposal
2004-12-06Sara-J Originals At Christmas For Free
2004-11-07Three Paintings Three Days
2004-10-1424 Hours Sara-J
2004-10-03Sara-J Oils and Etchings
2004-09-30Sara-J Autumn Collection
2004-07-07Sara-J Update
2004-06-27Sara-J Fans Wassup!
2004-05-23Forthcoming Sara-J Exhibition in Amsterdam
2004-03-20More Tulips from Sara-J


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