2012-08-18 : Schiphol WTC


Three-month exhibition entitled Sans Nudity ran from mid-August 2012 to mid November 2012

2009-08-01 : Arts et Vigne Festival, Chatillon en Diois, France, 2009

Chatillon en Diois

Sara-J solo exhibition of specific works for this traditional French festival by invite only.

2009-05-01 : Cafe Baradie, Die, France, 2009


Solo exhibition for the full month of May at Cafe Baradie in the ancient village of Die, in the Drome region of France.

2007-08-28 : Simply Sara-J Exhibition, Cape Town and Johannesburg, 2007

CT and JHB

Private viewings of large, colourful oils and etchings before relocating definitively to Europe to strengthen her international profile.

2006-12-25 : Sara-J Viewing, Cape Town, South Africa, 2006

Cape Town

Private viewing of latest works.

2005-09-09 : The Art Club, Cape Town, South Africa, 2005

Cape Town

Solo exhibition. Jazz accompaniment compliments of the artist's father's band at the Island Club, Waterfront St. Tropez.

2005-02-01 : Galerie Odette, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2005


Working studio, extended exhibition.

2004-04-07 : Cafe Restaurant, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2004


Viewing by special invite of latest works.

2003-05-21 : De Salon, Amsterdam Jordaan, the Netherlands, 2003


Group exhibition with several contemporary Dutch artists.

2001-03-27 : Private Viewing, London, United Kingdom, 2001


Exclusive private viewing of recent works.

2000-08-29 : Accuwrite Viewing, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2000


Solo exhibition of Sara-J works for Accuwrite's clients and contacts.

2000-07-21 : Hotel Grafenberg, Dusseldorf, Germany, 2000


Sara-J solo exhibition of etchings and oil paintings.

1999-06-25 : Private Viewing, London, United Kingdom, 1999


Private viewing for all Sara-J's collectors in London.

1998-10-20 : Sara-J Studio, Fresnaye, Cape Town, South Africa, 1998

Cape Town

Private solo exhibition at artist's studio of life drawings, mixed media and etchings. Also launched Sara-J 2000 calendar.

1997-05-27 : Sugarhouse Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa, 1997

Cape Town

Group exhibition.

1992-08-22 : ARTernatives Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1992


First solo exhibition featuring large, colourful oils and etchings.

1992-04-18 : Inside Out Gallery, Durban, South Africa, 1992


"Not for Prudes" exhibition.

1990-02-24 : Windhoek, Namibia, 1990


Solo show opened by Hannes Horne.

1988-04-18 : The Yellow Door, Cape Town, South Africa, 1988

Cape Town

Sara-J's first solo exhibition featuring colour and sepia etchings. Art critic Henry Simmonds commented: 'Joynt Toying With Weighty Themes.'

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